Caemorgan Mansion (Cardigan)

A luxury small mansion that redefines the concept of guest house. An inspired restoration has created warm, super-comfortable accommodation with all the features of a top hotel. Interesting hosts – and exceptional food.

Is Caemorgan really a guest house? Theoretically yes. But in style and spirit it’s something quite different, at least as far as the traditional description of guest accommodation is concerned.

So in place of faded décor you have faultless bedrooms that most hoteliers would die for. You have bathrobes and luxury toiletries, not portion-controlled soap. You have warm, welcoming and cosy rooms that run on green energy in place of draughty windows.

And you have food – exceptional food – that has never seen a HP sauce bottle. In one respect, Caemorgan Mansion is a guest house. You stay in the home of Beverley and David Harrison-Wood. But this well-travelled couple know how to pitch things. If you want your own space you’ll have it. It’s also okay if you want a chat with them after dinner.

It’s worth listening to their story. Like many who are successful in the hospitality industry, their skills are intuitive and natural. The house is their creation, a complete restoration of an ‘intimate enough but not so small’ (David’s words) 19th-century mansion. Everything breathes quality, everything works. Caemorgan reborn is tasteful and contemporary, yet it still retains that unmistakeably grand air of a statement house. The latest green technology warms and lights the place (think chandeliers with LED lighting, a biomass boiler, recycling, etc). And it’s totally self-sufficient in the kitchen. David is a remarkably good cook – actually, he deserves the appellation ‘chef’ – creating cleverly flavoured, well-balanced dishes unmatched by many professionally trained counterparts.

The location is ideal in Ceredigion. Caemorgan Mansion is well-placed for Cardigan Bay and Pembrokeshire – the coast is just minutes away. Why not travel to nearby New Quay for a spot of Dolphin spotting?

Single 95-130
Double 95-130
Rooms 5 Style Character

David & Beverley Harrison-Wood
Caemorgan Mansion
Caemorgan Road
SA43 1QU
0800 103 2660 (Reservations)
0808 198 9454 (General Enquiries)