The Welsh Language

The Language

Welsh is the oldest language in Britain dating back possibily 4,000 years. It is a Celtic language spoken by around 750,000 people in Wales (about a quarter of the population).

There are also around 130,000 Welsh speakers in the rest of the United Kingdom outside of Wales - including about 50,000 in London. There are also a few hundred Welsh speakers in Patagonia, Argentina.

There is a very good history of the Welsh Language on the BBC Wales website :

More information about the Welsh Language can be found at :


There are a number of online resources for learning Welsh for example from the BBC and S4C :

If you would like to visit Wales to take a short course in Welsh there are a number of centres that offer 3, 4 or 5 day courses :


English Welsh 
Rough Pronunciation
thanks diolch  dee-olck
thanks very much diolch yn fawr dee-olck unn vowr
please plis  please
OK iawn yown (rhymes with gown)
good morning bore da bor-er dah
good afternoon prynhawn da prin-hown dah
good evening noswaith dda noss-wythe-ah
good night nos da noss dah
hello helo hello
cheerio / goodbye hwyl who-ill
currant bread bara brith barrah breeth
leek soup cawl cennin cowl kennin