About us

So what makes a Welsh Rarebit? You’re just about to dip into a guide containing 39 properties. They’re all different. Very different – everything from traditional country houses to cutting-edge boutique boltholes, luxury spas to historic inns, in fact. And they’re all a million miles removed from the bland, corporate, soulless places run by the big boys of the so-called hospitality industry.

Ah, hospitality … now there’s a word. In its proper, warm and welcoming sense it’s one that can truly be applied to Welsh Rarebits hotels. Rarebits mightn’t conform to a standard pattern, but they do share a few things in common – and one of them is their genuine hospitality.

It’s why we always include a photograph of the hosts at each property (how many other hotel guides do that?). Rarebits are mainly small- to medium-sized. What’s more, they tend to be personally owned and run by hands-on hosts, which explains their high levels of care and service.

And, of course, there’s quality too. Membership to the Rarebits club is by invitation only. Over the last 30-odd years we have built up an international reputation as Wales’ leading collection of places to stay. We look at things like comfort, attention-to detail, food, décor and all those small touches that add up to so much, separating the best from the rest.

At the same time, we embrace individuality. Take a random look at a few of our properties. One might be a centuries-old inn where stagecoaches used to stop, another a trendy townhouse. Or cool, reinvented seaside hotel or very tasty restaurant with rooms.

They’re all different. But they’re all Rarebits.